5 Ways to Build a Great Team and Maximize Your Organization

5 Ways to Build a Great Team and Maximize Your Organization

“Your organization will only go to the level that you and your team can take it.”

If the above statement is true, we as leaders must focus on not only growing ourselves but also building a great team around us. Great teams help us maximize our organizations. Great teams produce: 

  • More creativity
  • Less conflict
  • Higher satisfaction 
  • Lower turnover
  • Greater ownership
  • Smaller chance of failure

At the end of the day, great teams produce better results. Poor teams produce poor results. 

But creating a great team isn’t easy. We must be intentional from the beginning. We must cultivate. We must lead and manage well. We must be willing to empower, and willing to remove. 

Building a great team is never easy, but it’s always worth it. 

5 Ways to Build a Great Team and Maximize Your Organization

1. Lead with vision

This is the primary reason anyone should, and would, join your team. Is your vision big? Clear? Compelling? Is the vision you ask them to follow meaningful? Something they can contribute to?

Paint a great picture of where the team is headed and you’re more likely to have a great team.

2. Engage with sincerity

In other words, love your people. Serve them. Take care of them. Listen to them. Solve problems with them. Care about what they care about – sincerely.

3. Create a clear path to success

  • Communicate responsibilities and expectations.
  • Create systems and processes.
  • Encourage them along the way.
  • Let them know where they are going and how to get there.

4. Live life with them.

Life happens. Hurts, losses and unexpected bends in the road are all part of the journey. So are growth, personal accomplishment and celebration. As the leader, we need to flex, support and be there when life happens to our team members. If we are, they will most likely still be there with us when the life event is over.

5. Invest in them.

Equip them to do the work you’ve asked them to do. Develop them to be true leaders. Make sure that they are better by being part of the team than they were when they joined the team – regardless of their contribution while a member. This requires an investment of time, effort and, probably, money, on your part.

What else would you do to build a great team?

(Please add your ideas below)

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