Praying For Your Child

Praying For Your Child

As a parent of two young men, I have and continue to pray a lot for them!  But every parent should be praying for their kids.  Soon after my second son, Garret, was born, I wrote this prayer and have prayed it almost daily since then:

Praying For ChildrenDear Father,

Teach Taylor & Garret to love You with a genuine and real love based on Your written Word.

Teach them to trust You implicitly in all You’ve said to be true.

May their love for You and trust in You produce a life of obedience to You. 

May this obedience build a foundation of character and Godliness that will lead them into a life of service in whatever arena You choose to place them. 

And may those who are close to them be faithful and diligent to model and teach these things through their own lives.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

There are many ways to pray and things to pray for…this isn’t the only prayer I pray for my boys.  But I have found that having something written down, containing the essentials of my deepest desires for them from a spiritual standpoint, has helped me be consistent and intentional in my prayer for them.  I have it in my Bible, on my desk, and other places that I will see it often, just to remind me to…pray.

And that’s the key – just pray! Here are some ideas on how to make that more of a priority:

Commit to praying regularly. This, unfortunately, is the step that most parents never take. Oh sure, they pray in times of crisis, but they don’t commit to praying regularly for their child. What this says is that praying really isn’t important to us, because what’s important (in reality) gets done. Perhaps, if we haven’t made the commitment to pray, we need to examine whether or not we really believe in the significance and power of prayer in our lives.

Create a plan for praying. As with anything else, if we fail to plan, we plan to fail. Praying is no different. It is a discipline which requires a plan. So when will you pray? How will you pray? What will you pray for? I don’t think there are right or wrong answers to these questions. The key is to answer them for yourself, perhaps after digging in to scripture for yourself, and create a plan based on the answers you come up with.

My plan was to pray the prayer I wrote for my boys (above) on a daily basis, and often several times a day. In addition, I keep an updated list of specific prayer items for each of them, and am committed to praying for them during my daily devotional time.

Clue yourself in to what their needs are. My boys are 17 & 18 now. The things I pray for them are not the same as I prayed when they were 7 & 8. Nor do I pray for all of the same things for each one. I’ve got to understand the needs they face as 17 & 18 year old young men, and I’ve got to understand what their needs are individually, and pray accordingly.

Count your blessings for the privilege of praying. Have you ever stopped to think what an amazing blessing prayer is? We have the great privilege of coming to the God of the entire universe with our praise, our worship, our needs, and bringing our children before Him…are you kidding me? And we, as parents, can influence the lives of our children in doing this. Yet too often we don’t. It’s like being offered the greatest gift we could ever imagine (for most of us, that would be happy, healthy and honorable children) and yet turning that gift down and walking away from it.

Why on earth would we do that to our children?

Praying matters. Praying for our children is important. And it should be something that every parent does for every child every day.

Would you agree?

In the next post I’ll share some ideas about praying with our children, but there is so much more that could be said about praying for our children. Please share some insight that you’ve learned about this in the comments.


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