Too often, as both individuals and as organizations, we're not intentional about growth, limiting our potential to the whims of our circumstances. In order to BE MORE and DO MORE, we have to choose to make an intentional investment in growing ourselves and our organizations.

Greg J Baird

Be More | Do More

My name is Greg J Baird. For the past 25 years I've led in churches, non-profits of all sizes, and small businesses. I've coached and trained leaders all over the United States and in more than 30 countries around the world. Now, as a Certified John C. Maxwell Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker, and as a DISC Certified Trainer & Consultant, I help leaders of all kinds, and non-profit organizations, BE MORE & DO MORE in order to fulfill their purpose and maximize their potential.

How we can work together to Be More, Do More...

Be More, Do More Growth Groups

Join a virtual cohort of like-minded leaders, or host in-house training, for 8 - 12 weeks of intentional growth!

Personal Growth & Leadership Coaching

Individual coaching focused on your purpose, vision and goals, personal growth journey, and leadership development.

DISC Assessment, Coaching & Training

DISC is the go-to assessment to help both individuals and teams understand each other and improve performance.

Leadership Team Assessment

Using the proprietary John C. Maxwell Leadership Game, this fun and engaging process will highlight both strengths & weaknesses of your team, promote communication, and enable greater growth and effectiveness.

Strategic Non-Profit Organizational Consulting

Assessment, strategy development & implementation planning for non-profits.


Bring Greg J Baird to your organization or event for keynotes, workshops or training.

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LIVE2LEAD is a half-day, one-of-a-kind leadership development and personal growth experience founded by John C. Maxwell, and annually featuring some of the greatest leaders in the world! 

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